Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Probably didn’t mention it but

My Uncle & His Wife have visited for the week. they’ve been here since Saturday night  and we’re enjoying their stay. I wish they could move back to N.O. but they seem to be very happy in Missouri.

My Uncle has lost weight and looks good. The Irony is that my Cousin (his son) came over here and they seemed to be the exact same size  (aside from the height)

My Nephew Loves it, he even made fun of my dad, saying that he and my uncle look alike “Grandpa, come see… Look It’s YOU!” funny.

I missed RAW while fooling around on this Saints Row game.

That DM-50 Microphone came in and guess what. I've already boxed it up. I’ll be returning to amazon real soon.

I May be getting a New Television. I really don’t NEEED a new TV. but if all is in my favor than Oh well… But the Next Check I receive will go on my Teeth.  God is Good!

I’ve been discussing one of a few ways to create programs though the church. Hopefully that will happen. 

I need to apply my Knowledge! and REGAIN MY SKILLS! because I’ve Lost some lol! I’m very much behind on many things.  If we can make this thing work it would be great for the people!.. I’m happy because of it.

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