Tuesday, November 01, 2011

They contacted me!

Today while doing DVD’s for “The Fool”  he came all early and unexpected. he even had a old friend from High School come thru here. the sad part is that Last night I told him I wasn’t going to be done early I told him to come after 6 because Other people use my PC.. but he assumes that just because I’m home, I have all the time to do DVD’s and thins …I had to do 2.. Including putting them together, Processing to file, THEN burning  a so he waited from noon til 6 for them.. smh. 

I was contacted by a grooveshark representative today. They informed me that There was a problem getting a hold to the tickets. so they offered me 1 year subscription to There Anywhere service. I’ll likely install that on some random mobile device. 

I’m glad they contacted me because I was wondering what happened. I’m happy with it. I still have to respond to the last message though.

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