Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I woke up Discombobulated because of a call I received from the Jurors Commission. The call stated that the DA Office pulled My Information and that I was supposed to be CONVICTED on a Felony Charge for a burglary in 2003.

The Commissioner asked for Basic info including my Social Security number. but he said he had a picture as well. after giving my self description, he asked if I was sure it wasn’t me. I was like “YES I’M SURE!!”  he told me to come in on my date of Jury Duty to check with him.

After this I had a talk with my dad because i was shaking in my skin, heart pounding like asking myself all 5 Why’s, Originally I had missed the call so they called my dads phone. he put the phone on speaker, so Just imagine how he felt hearing that I’m being accused of burglary.. I WAS SPOOKED OUT! yet of course i knew it wasn’t me.

He called my cell back within 10 minutes letting me know that the DA office gave him the wrong information after pulling my name. and that He’ll of course still check with me at Jury Duty. I had to tell him that back in 2003 was sitting in my house recovering from a surgery.

Boy, I sure hope THAT isn’t a common thing, because if it is, it’s a malpractice and somebody should be fired.

Truthfully. when he said Burglary, I was like BURGLARY?! … at that moment in my head i was saying a prayer to God because I knew for sure that was not me.

I thank God for he life I live….

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