Friday, December 23, 2011

Random Thoughts of the moment

  • tonight I’m on photo duty…. Free Weekend!
  • I hope to have caught somebodies eye with my new facebook page
  • I’ve researched my price and I think I’m fair.
  • Got the Music Scribbling to
  • I’ll likely update my blogs look to fit my mode.
  • My Brother said I need to stop taking pics and think about my
  • I got my “Last Light” thing going strong on bandhead
  • I wont post any more footage from the all-star game till later though. Folks are asking.
  • I have to check the site, folks are crazy.
  • I hope she knows to pay me as soon as i walk in, because I can’t be in there doing.
  • I gotta come up with my bio and hook up the portfolio soon!\
  • oh yeah.. and FREE BOOK! lol
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