Saturday, December 03, 2011

I guess that’s what it’s turned into

Being that I post at so many other places online. it’s hard for me to keep up with blogging my thoughts. but I won’t let that stop. This page is my primary thought releaser.. lol

I’ve been getting in to some things, Hopefully it will be good for me. I really need to find work fast, simply because I need a bank account so I can start paying some Bills.  It’s life…  I think its pretty messed up that the guy who called about that yesterday tried to question what I'm doing with my life. But It’s what they have to do.

I really need to work man, I’ve been doing Nothing since 2007 and I’m 27 as of Tomorrow.. SMH .. I need to do something with my life NOW because I’m tired of being compared to Low-lives.

… SMH, The Landlord is here again.. I should let the dogs out!

umm.. YEAH! I joined this site called Stage 32,  it’s for Pro’s and Amateurs of the Film Industry. which Reminds me that I’ve never gotten a response from those folks doing the documentary.. Dah well..

Tonight I get my Photography On. I hope all these pics come out good.. That’s all i have to say to it.

My Brother will be graduating from the academy, I will not be there to see it. yet my mom wants to take the camera so She can snap pics.. smh.. I would go there with her but I have a Jury Summons to attend. I hope I’m not selected.

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