Sunday, December 04, 2011

Do You Know What Today is?

It’s My Birthday.and in about 4 Hours I’ll be heading to church. I should get some rest but I’m "up” now. Today I did a party and it was great. I’m happy because I saw many who I haven’t seen in years. great.

Maan! today I got to shoot some BODIES! well at least a hand full of them.  the irony of it is that the best looking one facially was a married woman… and she kept wanting pics. It hard to get her by herself in a single pic though.. .. and on top of that,   I realized that her husband found his way into blocking my view or stepping in the shot when I was trying to catch her by herself

.  What’s funny is… one of my cousins kept calling me "Manuel photo” and “Emanuel” photo ..and u have to pronounce it MAN U EL just because my Bro N Law said it…  Funny because foiks who know my middle name come up with EVERYTHING to put in the middle my name ..

I talked to my Cousin John and he revealed something to me that I had to laugh at.. all I can say is WHOA! and I’d NEVER! lol  … it’ is what it is though ..  I didn’t think it was that serious… wow man.. lol

I hope my day goes well today. I have to get ink before my Monday because I want to have this guys stuff ready by Thursday.

Thank God for 27 years of life …

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