Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Just signing me up for EVERYTHING

After Failed attempts to Stop being Signed up from 2 Online University’s I asked that my account be removed from the Employment Guide website.  Unfortunately they didn’t just DO it. they needed more Info.

Alright, Yesterday I signed up at about 7am because I saw a position I liked. After's signing up with that position. I received 2 calls regarding university information.  After trying to Get out of it. They still signed me up. I’ve received unwanted email & calls because of this. I’ve even missed 2 calls this morning.

I did not apply for the position to be spammed. Maybe I registered for a phony job seeking site. It happens. but I REFEUSE for this kind of spam to be coming to my Gmail. I’ve prevented it since I created the account back in 2006.  It truly sucks to have this kind of thing happen. especially when you’re seeking employment…

They talk so fast that when you say No, they’re like “is that a yes, No, Yes OKAY!” SMH..  i received 4 calls so far. 2 I did not answer. it’s Crazy man!

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