Monday, December 12, 2011

I Knew It was going to happen that way.

As I sit here planning my future. I realize that the main person who’s putting me down is the cat who needs me the most. at this point I’ll begin to turn him down on everything he has asks of me.  Why? because he’s not paying me. He wants  everything from me free.  I’m sorry but dude. NO…

He has an excuse on why he’s not coming to church. He’s Tired.. Well hey. I’m Tired too but I get up to go to church. Yet you can call me and cuss me out for not doing stuff you want? Get real bruh. I got a life. don’t think that just because I’m in here at a PC all day that I’m not doing anything productive. I’m making strides to make my life better.

… I mentioned that my brother passed his exam to become a Law Enforcer in Houston. When I told that to The Fool, he said something like this “and what’chu dion’ with yo life.. you aint gon never be nothing cause u a f’n bum” …  SMH.. I don’t say much beyond that point. simply because He’s the one begging me… and I don’t do things for free.. Dude just cant Congratulate what the next man is doing without degrading somebody else. 

But I see how he is and I’m seriously goanna exclude him from the tings i’m doing in 2012. Never Expect me to do what you want when you’re not paying me to do it.

I got things to do

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