Friday, December 30, 2011

Last Friday of 2011

And I honestly have nothing to blog about.. at least nothing directly on my mind. I’ve blogged about much of the criminal activity that goes on or that has happened. other times it’s been too much to blog about.

I’ve said that there’s an evil spirit lurking over the city. but that sounds crazy but its true. it much negative energy among these folks in N.O. With that and these 197 murders and countless criminal activity. it’s so much to bkog about every situation. no matter how it affects me.  Its just sad to always have Crime as that Something to blog about.

Other than that, for the most part this past year I’ve written about myself and how I feel about situations involving myself and interactions with others. I’m getting beyond that in 2012 and will be expressing my thoughts about other public affairs.  Things that I have an opinion on other than myself. I guess.. lol Gotta get back to making 1000 posts in a year LOL

There are many things that I haven't mentioned much about, but I’ll start posting them more often. here as I do in other places. Maybe lightening up on Tweets and Facebook statuses to  throw my thoughts here completely.

I’ve grown as a blogger since I’ve had this thing. but I still suck at expressing my thoughts LOL I’m gonna make it better in 2012. Blogging about what I Know and Not what I Think.. lol Hopefully.

I have a busy day today I’ll end this here. Hopefully I’ll be up before 12 so I can Get ready to head out of here.  Really…

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