Monday, December 19, 2011

Murder’s Demon Lurks

This weekend, in the metro area, a whole bunch of people were shot or killed in some form. among the victims were children. 9 year old was shot Multiple times but survived (Thank God) and a 2 year old who died. these were in 2 separate shootings on the same day in Broad daylight.

My facebook timeline was blowing up with comments in regard to these incidents.  The 2 year old’s birthday was was next Week, and its heartbreaking to hear of a death in that kind.  even for the 9 year old being shot while PLAYING OUTSIDE.  Why is it that our streets are so unsafe that our kids cant even play in their own front lawns anymore?  It’s too much.

Bad enough 2 People originally from my old neighborhood were killed just last week. one on a Sunday, The other guy was killed after coming from  the other’s funeral and was Shot in broad daylight  He ran around the block and collapsed trying to flee according to someone who heard the shots and saw him collapse.

There were Working Crews out there that day and people hanging out. These Killers need God in their lives.  That’s all i can really say to it. All the “Stop The Violence” Rallies and the world can’t stop a kid or Grown Man from picking up a gun to hurt someone.  

They need to rise above that demon and get Right with God!

Another thing I wanted to say something about . The guy who was killed in the car wreck. I didn’t know him, but  that was disturbing to see on the news and to hear about. according to the news, He was preparing to attend a relatives funeral, but because of his untimely death, there was a memorial for Him as well. unfortunately his body wasn’t released from the coroners office, so there couldn’t be a funeral.  Tragic Situation though.

I’m not sure if he was from my old area. but His memorial took place today at the church in the neighborhood. I feel that the driver of the vehicle that slammed in to him should turn him or herself in.

…..Same for the folks involved in the shooting of the kids, It’s just too much. Marching for peace cant stop it. they need a God in their Lives.

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