Monday, December 19, 2011

She’s got her discount.

So basically at this party I attended, the woman who wanted this discount tried to reason with on her financial issues and some stuff i told her a few months back.  Basically, a few months ago…BEFORE I Had a Price on the table.

She came to me asking if i would do her daughters party. I told her yeah,  for $50.  This was Long before I started printing and I realized how much it would cost ME. Now I’m at $175 and EVERYBODY is saying how cheap they think it is due to the what they’re getting out of me. I think so too.

I went up to $100. I printed 300+ pics for 100 dollars..That did not fair out so well, because I spent the whole $100 and then some on materials. i went up to $175 because at this point I’m  Printing 200+ Pics. My Ink is $30 a piece.. My Paper cost $10 per 100 sheets That $175 Takes care of what I need. I’m personally only getting $25 out of the deal after spending all on materials and I should be charging MORE due to the amount of ink actually being USED. i should be charging about $250. But I DON’T because I feel that i don’t want to break anyone's bank. you understand?… (yeah i had to say that lol)

But Back to this situation

I gave her what she wanted. But its not really even a discount. I’m just not charging her the price of some Materials.  I’m putting her Stuff on a CD,  and she’s really paying for my time.  Normally my deposit is $100, and $75 on pick up.  but since this is a $100 event. I’m going with Half and Half. I guess that’s how I'm going to do it.

Other people seem to Respect my Rates because it’s a flat rate. This woman wanted me to do her party for $50 Dollars.. Thats like asking me to come to a party, take 50 Pictures and Leave.  I’m just trying to give folks their money’s worth.

Saturday when I did this girls graduation party, I charged $125, I actually wanted to give them $25 Back simply because of the deal that i just made. but I took like 300 + Pics and They’re getting them all.  This next event. she’s gonna get 1 disk full of pictures. no telling how many that will be.

I gotta set limits.

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