Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And So We’re Back From Outer space…

I Just came from Jury Duty after a long wait of doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

AS you all may know, I didn’t get any rest last night due to  waking up at 5pm and stay up till call time… I fell asleep in that thing..

I went to have lunch at Mama’s Kitchen on S. Galvez and Tulane,  I saw a few places of interests such as the drivers education place and a printing company I’ll check them out soon.

At first I walked Clean past the place assuming there was another nearby eatery. Honestly, I forgot about the recommended kitchen on broad street. so I walked down Tulane assuming I’d run into a restaurant… Long walk from Broad to Galvez Right?.. WRONG! I NEEDED THAT WALK LOL!

All i could think was that Man I should have brought my camera.. great building, Old and damaged but great. even for the area where the new charity will be.  … that whole area is crazy though.

Anyway. I had me a good Shrimp on bun Dressed with fries and a Tahitian Treat! hadn’t had one of those in YEARS!… i don’t get out much.. to me they’re not all that, but it is one of those drinks that many N.O folks connect to their childhood or pastime of having po-boys and things like that. 

The Sandwich was Grand!

So We got back from lunch break and they let us go for the day.. AHH! I should have just went Home! other than that. I caught a ride home. Seems like somebody’s always there..G.I. JOEEEEE! lol …Ever so Grateful

Oh Man.. This girl re-added me on her other page again today.. i don’t understand why she has these multiple pages. i accepted again a few minutes ago… but this time i see a message on her page and i hope its not about me  its the only thing on her page…

Here’s what it reads


I’m just goanna pretend i didn’t see that. It’s too much for my fragile little mind.

I’ve been Thinking about getting a New Phone, one that doesn’t have all the fancy features. and besides. I don’t use them anyway. with that said. I’m downgrading to save money!

I got my new Debit cart with the Fleur Di Lis on’s not the saints version but it’s good enough. I can’t wait to start this process and get it over. I believe the opportunities will come to me ASAP.. all i have to do is act upon it.

I really and truly need to hit the sheets. but before I do. I just want to say that I'm glad Bethany is okay and I think God she’s alright.

and Just because I’m Tired.. I’m closing out with THIS…


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