Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Getting Ready to head up and Out this morning

Today I sit and wait again at jury duty, This time I’m bringing my mini pad. I can’t be bored going in today. lol! I’m about to hit up the store in a minute too. got to get a energy drink in before i make my way there.

Hopefully I get there in time lol I got to be there for 9. AHHH! oh and this fool that always wants me to do things for him hits me up to tell me im acting like a H** because im telling him no… The fool doesn't know how to do things for himself.. Till then, The Word is No.. I can’t do for you when I'm trying to help myself.

getting all these free things out of me doesn’t make sense. 2012 all that stops. and well.. Look at the time I GOTTA GO!

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