Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Didn’t do anything special on MLK Day

  • I Declined going to a Battle of the Bands in Biloxi
  • I Didn’t go to either parade that happened here in N.O.
  • I Talked to Josiah, Kandace and My Brother
  • I’m Thinking Up Some other Things As well.
  • Briefly talked with Darren via bandhead after he read my recent blog entry and some stuff on Facebook.
  • This dude Jarius is a Camera Guy now, thats great.. i went to middle school with him.
  • There’s a Group I joined on Facebook of Black Men United To Save our Youth. Basically it’s a group addressing the issue and discussing solutions. It should be public rather than secret though.
  • I’m coming up with ways to make Bandhead.org better
  • Gotta repost something I wrote on Bandhead the other day it relates to the bands though of course..

You’ll see THAT NEXT.

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