Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Letting Them Participate

This is the entry I was going to write about the other day. Its technically cut and past but It is in a general sense. a point that I made that others have kind of looked at as  being “The One” that made sense.

Basically in this thread was a discussion which asked if Failing students be allowed to perform at band events. and my answer was no. but to expound on the issue, I mentioned that many times the band programs are used as a way to escape their issues at home. Which is also why I believe that parents should be more involved to know what’s going on with their child.

Here’s The Full Thread  My Response Below

A student could be failing due to their home situation and may not want to show it,  In many cases the parents don't care. especially when the student has an uneducated parent.  the Kind that may support the child but they'd present themselves as people who can't do simple tasks on behalf of their child,  Then there are those  who Don't necessarily care how good or bad they're Children doing in school As long as they're at School.   So they complain In defense of their child or in defense of their home situation

They ask..."Why won't you let my baby March in the band?" ...

Because (one or multiple reasons)

  • He  is failing, and has to improve
  • He isn't coming to practice
  • He has behavioral problems
  • He hasn't paid his band budget

And their answer is a sob story, because they made some life choice that ruined their lives, and its Reflected upon their students who aren't getting enough support...


Sob Story continues ... Yet she answers her iPhone in the midst of her sob story. "Going Off" as if The director is wrong and about how she can't afford to Keep up with her kids...

Y’all see where I'm going with this ( i know y'all deal with this every day)

These Bands provide them an Escape route from many situations in and around their home. and if that's where they want to be.  Their parent HAS to be involved somehow. Their parent has to know what their kids are doing so they can "HELP" them.. some parents are NO HELP.

I'm not a Band Director, but I've assisted before and I've seen similar happen.

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