Thursday, January 12, 2012

I’m about to ditch the counter and change a few things

If had that counter since august 2005, at one time I checked the visitation daily, then it became weekly to never. Closing it will do just fine, because I no longer care how my viewers got here basically ..LOL when i first started it. it was just for me to figure out who’s viewing. and it did wonders. but  I hadn’t truly paid much attention after about 60,000 views.

Aside from that, it never added up to my monetized information. which that was added after Katrina and would have been less anyway. Overall I could care less about checking visitation traffic now. I think im satisfied with  where I stand in blogging aside from my inability to write right. LOL overall i’m okay though.

It’s time to let the counter go. Also its time for the Katrina Survivor Thing to go as well. Those years have gone by and Im beyond it.. I was also thinking about doing dynamic viewing also.  it’s nice. i like it, yet i prefer the classic model blogs now.  if thats what you want to call it lol

Dah well. Changes are coming.

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