Friday, January 13, 2012

Maybe We Do Need the Guard

Although I’m Totally against the presence of National Guard Assisting in Crime fighting. maybe their presence will intimidated criminals. I think its pretty sad that its January 12th and over 24 people have been Shot, some multple times, Some Died. It’s just terrible to read about. Especially when involving Kids.

The 12 year old girl sitting on her porch, shot 6 times. There’s the 11 year old who died when the bullet went through the glass. The Situation after the Easton Basketball game involved teens. it’s sad.  There was also a Whole LOAD of other shootings across the city involving grown folks THIS IS INSANE!

It’s about time the OLD Curfew gets Put back in place, I don’t think it would actually Protect Anyone from the shootings that occur at Day time. but it would help keep the number of young victims down  and may put young potential criminals behind bars.

The Old Curfew was much different than the one they have set for the French Quarter / Marigny Area. Back in the Marc Morial Regime, the curfew during school days began at 8pm on School nights, 9pm on the weekends.  In the Summer, It was 9pm on Weekdays, 10pm on weekends. it also shifted back during daylight savings time.. (9pm on school days .. etc.)

We also had a school time curfew where basically young people could not be on the streets during school hours or they’d be detained til school is over. Students relieved from school at an early time frame had the opportunity of roaming the streets with no problem, but they had to show their status which was printed on School ID cards. It was just that simple.  Crime was down during the Morial Era and a BIG part of it had to do with the curfews set in place and being enforced. Now days, Nothing gets enforced. it’s just commonly known. and if a person could get away with it. It Just is what it is…

Another Situation I wanted to mention before I go. was the Shootout that took place near Nelson Elementary. Now that all the Gunman have been caught, the people are talking out and speaking out As if the School was wrong for now letting them know what went on till they got there.  my thought was .. WHAT WERE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? JUST BARGE IN AND GET SHOT TRYING TO FIND YOUR KID? ..THOSE KIDS WERE SAFE ON LOCKDOWN AND YOU SHOULD NOT COMPLAIN!

Apparently one of the gunman ran though Nelson Elementary while evading NOPD during a shoot out. According to sources, The principle made an announcement soon after the shots were fired, she put the school on complete lockdown and asked everyone to get drop to the floor. It was shown on the news that students were being released. they even interviews some staffers and parents about how they felt..

The Principal & staff did right to handle that situation as they did.  I’ve only heard little from the public. but is sad how Folks have reacted online ..Some speaking as if The School somehow wrong for having the kids locked down. or for the kids to see  what the SWAT team was doing... I feel that they took the proper measures in securing the kids. Maybe it wasn’t “organized” according to some. but my question would be to those who doubt it is. How organized could anyone be in panic mode?

If you can’t answer that, just think about what you do when Someone's shooting in your neighborhood or apartment complex. You don’t leave out of your house. Right? .. Its common sense to Duck down and Lock your doors until and you don’t think of standing up until you feel it’s safe  CHILDREN DON’T KNOW THAT so they have to be told.  If you were at your workplace and told not to leave the room you were in because theres a madman running wild…  you Do so until further notice. because if you ignore it you put yourself in more danger.

What else could be done to Prevent it.. maybe Security at the door. but Schools are not prisons either. They should feel safe without being in fear of criminals Nor being incriminated against.

Maybe Security will work  Yet they’d have to be on guard and in position at al times. But going back to what i said in the beginning. Maybe they DO need the National Guard here to do things like that. People are getting bold in N.O. and there has to be a better way to prevent these kind of things from happening. it would equal 1 less person dead in N.O,  i mean hey the year is ony 2 1/2 weeks in and We’re already seeing High levelse of crime…  I just don’t want to have to deal with that military presence because New Orleans s not a war zone. It’s a city of Misguided Young folks though.

I just pray nothing like that happens at any other schools in this city or any where else.. I’m also Tired about hearing about all these shootings and murders. its senseless it’s Horrible. It’s Evil.

To save Lives, we must act now. These plans for the future equal more victims.

I can’t even speak on it anymore

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