Sunday, January 08, 2012

Just Upped & Left

So I was up ready for church and at 9:45 my dad just up and left out the door. Note, That’s the time we both normally leave.  He could have told me yesterday that he didn’t want to bring me. I wouldn’t have gotten up so early. I seriously gotta get a license so I can get a car, rather than depend on rides. because I’ll never get anywhere on the bus. lol

I know when he gets back he’s going to tell me something about not being ready. but I was ready when He was ready. I was just waiting on him. man. I’ll have to get up for like 7 to get to church next week.

On top of that, I got Jury Duty tomorrow. I guess I’ll take off my clothes and go there with what I have on today. Man I plan on passing that driving thing this year. ain’t nobody gon stop me cause I need to get it or I won’t be riding anywhere.

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