Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Condolences to the Ainsworth Family

According to what I’ve seen in the news, Harry “Mike” Ainsworth was awaiting a bus with his kids before putting his life on the line to save a screaming woman from being carjacked. Among those who saw him die was his kids. which is very Heartbreaking to know.

It’s Also one of the many reasons I’m fed up with the Crime in this city. Week after week I get on here and blog about how much I hate the crime and killings in the city. and Since last fall. This new breed of Monsters have roaming the streets in total disregard for humanity and are willing to do anything to get their way.  I hope the fool is either Caught or turns himself in.

Once again. My Condolences To The Ainsworth Family, Especially the Children who witnessed their father die.

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