Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It’s not there

I’m fooling around with this phone and I’ve put so much on here already tat I'm getting a full memory message,  majority of that was contact information. i’ll try to get rid something to make other things work.

I installed Voxer. it’s a nice program
I finally fully Activated the Google Voice App with a new number. That’s Great!
I’ve already talked to a few people which brought me to this..

I was sent one to a buddy of mine and although it’s good to talk to her, It feels kind a funny. maybe its because thing have changed on another level with her.  *sigh* but it’s always great to talk with her lol.

All of The’s I’s I’m always talking about myself.. LOL

Whopper!.. no cheese… WHY?!! lol..

when I figure out how to use this phone with no problems i’ll be straight LOL

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