Saturday, February 04, 2012

Shooting Some Hoops

I was out taking pics at a basket ball Tourney at Landry. It was a good event, before that  I also got a chance to see Newman’s gym. it was my first time in the school ever. It was also my first time in Landry’s Gym. Looks like they’ve found multiple purposed for that school. That’s great.

I Did the event for free although I was supposed to be paid for it All I got was a Free shirt. I was there the whole day, I wanted to leave when my camera went out on me though.  Speaking of that, While recording. I got all Visuals with no sound. That was crazy. I had Myron with the camera because I was being Slow.  aside from that, nobody told me the event had started.  It doesn’t matter though. I got what I needed on camera.

The only Problem that I had of course was not having a ride back home.  why? because The Main Fool who wanted me to do the event decided to leave early without telling me that he was leaving for the night. He didn’t want to bring me home, yet he made the initial offer in the first place. 

This is the same reason I caught the bus home the last event.  Because when they offer to do it, They always throw me on somebody else .. “aye let book ride with you” .. That day I tol the fool that I’d get back home on my own. Yet when He called and I was on the bus he acted like it was his problem .. I was good.. he was like “Man all those people out there  u could’ve got a ride with…” .. I told the dude that I was good. Its not like I didn’t know where I was. I just didn’t want to ride with him partly because they start acting like booties when it comes to giving rides.  and aside from that. I wasn’t going on the west bank just to come right back over to my own side.. lol

This is why The Word is NO.. I swear man.. lol

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