Friday, March 09, 2012

Violent Crime Isn’t The Only Issue

We Live in a city where Violent Crime has skyrocketed beyond Control and it has officers on edge.  In The most recent shooting case, an officer Killed an unarmed man in his house (according to the news).  The Last time it was a random traffic stop where the gunman was killed and 2 police officers were shot.  In a way, It’s their job to use the weapon, but not to be trigger happy no mater what the situation may be. Especially if the man is unarmed.

Yet we’ve got folks like Austin Badon who believes that The national guard should be here to help fight crime. I understand that It sounds good, But that’s just a clear call or martial law. and we’ve already reached that point with the trigger-happy police on the force. In my opinion the NOPD does a Great job at what they do. The problem is the Justice system which fails us by putting criminals back on the streets. You can Arrest all the criminals you want Austin, but when the Justice Department Fails us. They’ll be Back on the streets committing crimes and  getting arrested Double-time, simply because they’ll be let out again.

I Understand he wants New Orleans to be Safe, but The national guard just does not need to be here. That’s like Asking the Guard to Start a war with Violent Civilians  and to “Protect us from Ourselves” so to speak.  That’s Signs of Impending martial law. I can’t agree with Austin Badon.  What we need is a New Criminal Justice system altogether.

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