Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Randomness

I’ve found my self up for 2 days straight recently for absolutely nothing. I’ve slept throughout days and did nothing at night. I have things to do and projects to complete and I’ve been lagging. I need to get up on those things really fast or else I won’t be used again.

I have to print pics, I also have to Do This documentary that I haven’t done at all. The crazy part about it is, due to some bad footage, I have to convert all the files to a lower format. Hopefully my quality is still there. I don’t really know what to do. this thing isn’t going to be long though, I already have it planned. I gotta call Bruce. I’m gonna start on that Monday for real.

Tomorrow I can’t because my PC time is limited (on the 7 basically)

Aside from that, I got something else to talk about but I can’t mention it yet.
There were things I’m missing out on because I need time to do other things, yet I’m not spending the time I have wisely and that’s gotta change. I have things I need to do that I Have not done yet. THEY MUST BE COMPLETE THIS WEEK!

Help Me on This one!

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