Sunday, March 04, 2012

A Lying Shame

So I was supposed to record at an Event, but The Fool told me that They were regulating cameras at the door, so I decided not to attend. He Basically Lied to me and I knew he was lying. so i decided not to answer my phone today. why? because I wanted no part in it because he lied to me to begin with.

Weeks Ago, The fool came to my house unannounced early in the Moring, he called my phone maybe 7 times while he was sitting outside my door. My brother told him I was sleeping.  I had just awaken due to The Fool calling my phone multiple times, Although the ringer was off, after several times calling the phone, Vibrations can way a bother up…  He called maybe 8 times before he came to the door. 

He called me later that knight asking why didn’t I come to the door. I told the Fool I was sleep, he assumes I’m lying “what do you do all day like that”.. I SLEEP DON’T COME TO MY HOUSE UNANOUNCED! I don’t care if you did call that morning, Tell me you’re coming the night before so i can Prepare myself, dang! lol…Aside from that, He was coming for Freebies.

So That night he Tells me, “I aint letting you in the battle, you’re fired”.. Things like that simply because i aint answer the phone or come to the door. All this, “I aint letting you in” talk.. was just to see how I’d react.. I told the fool i was coming anyway… He doesn’t run the show over there. He just makes up things to get at me.

Anyway.. The Fool calls Me Friday Night with The Big Lie…”Uhh, The Principal said she aint allowing cameras, so you can’t tape, she only paid one person to record, everybody else can’t”.. So I said to him.. You can’t stop Us (as in the 5 main guys taping these events) from Recording, everybody's going to have cams and I’m going to have mine… He was like “and you gon get arrested”.. 

He went on calling me stupid and things and even got one of his boys to lie to me on his behalf"… Basically saying “No cameras:…  That was a BIG LIE..I didn’t believe him at all. I just told him that I was gonna be there. I even told him.. that OK so now i gotta call all these cats with cams and tell them not to tape this “private affair”.  yet it was all a big lie.

New Problem. After all that lying, He Calls me at 10am Saturday Morning.. I didn’t Answer.. Then Multiple Times between 11am and 4pm. I didn’t answer. He called maybe 12 times before 5pm.. Crazy

By that time i was up. and I had other things to do. I went to my brothers house to set up a PC and Peripherals and take back home a PC that I own.

Sometime after 5 I received a Text from One of my boys  who asked if I was going to come, I told him no because of some junk I was told prior to The days events.. so in spite of that I decided not to show.. didn’t go in to Detail.

After the Event was over, the guys who recorded the event, posted clips up.. I watched a few of them when I got home from my brother’s place.… between 9 and 12 I got more calls and a Text from THE FOOL. in the text he was like “ So you ignoring me lol” .. I didn’t respond..

With all that said.. You can probably understand why I didn’t respond to any of his calls.  The Dude Lied to me, he threatened me Falsely, then the was going to come get me the next morning (obviously)…  and also Because he acts like he’s Doing me a big favor by picking me up Then to talk to me like I'm stupid when I need A Ride home.  So on that note I did him a favor by not showing my face.

Because of this, Everybody’s going to ask why I didn’t show. I’ll basically tell them that I was told I’d  I’d be arrested .. I know He’s probably telling folks that it’s because I didn’t want to Pay .. Never the case. I may not have money but I’d pay to support these bands..  The stupid thing about THAT like is that I pay this dudes way nearly everywhere we go and he doesn’t appreciate it..

This is why I decided to start Charging people for Recording events and Photograph period. It’s not like I Get paid for this. I do what I do for the People, not for Personal Gratification. Just because I don’t have the footage doesn’t mean  I’m missing out. it only means that I don’t have the footage.

Right now I’d rather be in Tx. There are things I SHOULD be doing there rather than being Lied to by cats who Think they’re friends of mine.

I can’t even say anything else about it other than.. I aint a fool and I will not be mistreated, misused nor Undervalued by  ungrateful beings.


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