Sunday, March 04, 2012

So The Neighbor Wants to Talk

Thursday After Doing some Filming in the 9, I had  A talk with my Neighbor who’s an Retired Sr Citizen who lives by himself. He has lots of friends over and well he reminds me of Herbert from Family Guy because of his Mannerisms.

Well Basically. I was heading to my door when The Neighbor called me to come talk with him. He Told me that he had spoken to my dad and My dad seemed to be emotional within the conversation they were having. In reality my dad was speaking the same thing he’s talked about for Years that he’s dwelled upon and tells to everybody. Basically as we were talking I just confirmed the stories he told.

After That Part of the conversation He Tried to talk me in to talking my youngest brother in to not leaving out of state for college. He had said that he spoke to him (my brother) on a number of occasions and well. He suspects that my brother might be gay. I didn’t want to tell him  (My Neighbor) that he was wrong,  And although I had a Smh /pause moment, I let him continue with no interruption. 

He (The Neighbor) went on to say that I should try to talk with him openly about it to comfort him, as well as to not tell anyone, but to talk to him myself about that.  He went on to mention how He never see’s girls coming to our home (that’s just how much he watches).  He also said that he was afriaid that The guys he’s with will try to influence him to get into some bad things which is understandable, but i know for sure my brother isn’t gay.

I told My Neighbor that on a number of occasions my brother has come over with Female Fiends and socializes with them but I wasn’t sure if any were ever his Girlfriend. I also told my neighbor that We also would rather not have these girls come over to our homes due to respect for our own parents when they’re not home. yet the male friends are welcome until it’s dark. They come over to play games and or go places.

He asked me if I knew who if my brother was going to take a girl to prom or if we talked about that with him. I told my neighbor that there are some things we talk about with our parents and that was one of them, I basically told him that my bother talked about prom but there were no dates set and it’s likely he was bringing a female companion. otherwise i have no clue because my brother has no clue what’s going on regarding those things.

Somewhere along those lines of talking, the conversation ended because my sister pulled up and I told him i had to go unlock the door.  I shook his hand before stepping away to close that conversation. His palms were sweaty (smh).

Anyway though. I believe that He assumed that one of my cousins who works around here. ( The one who now can’t come over due to stealing from us. ) Maybe He thought my cousin was a friend of my brothers due to how my cousin would frequently stop by and He speaks to everyone in his path. The thing about it is. My cousin has feminine ways and has that tone of Voice as well (if you know what i mean).

My guess is that simply he assumes that due to all the males that pop up over here meant that my brother was gay. and by telling me this, he may even assume that I am. but No buddy! no way. All i could do is shake my head and I still do just thinking about it.  Bad enough we (as in my brother and I) think that the Neighbor Reminds us of Herbert from family guy.

I Understand that He was only being nice and trying to be social so I won’t hold that against him. but I know on some occasion he’ll end up asking me about my brother again.

Now, On a more serious note, if it ever comes a day where we find that my brother (who is not feminine and any way) becomes gay. at the end of the day, that’s his business. but All and all. i know he has girls who are his friends.  and those who have been his girlfriend.

All in All.  It’s nothing to be worried about. I just felt the need to post it here.

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