Friday, March 09, 2012

That Shooting was Unjust

What happened in the 8th ward was a crazy situation. The police were watching a house and when they barged in to get him they shot him for trying to ditch them. After that His Grandma got on the news crying and screaming wanting to know how could it be justified being that he was killed before his younger siblings/ She has a right to do so, but but problem with that is she had no clue what her grandson was doing in his private life.

I personally think there was no need for the police to fire shots (or to kill the guy). That’s The Problem with the department. The Other problem is that we have Parents and Grand parents who care so much about the child that they completely ignore or deny that child's issues when it comes to their contribution to the drug trade or violence. Apparently This guy and his friends were involved in drugs

The Home was raided by NOPD after The Jefferson Parish Sheriffs Office apparently tracked “A Vehicle” to that home after seeing what they believe was a drug transaction. NOPD Gets there and Fires Shots at an unarmed man named Wendell The problem that is, they were after someone named Troy according to a warrant.(I read that in the news paper). They also arrested two others who were in the Home with possession of drugs. That' says a lot. but even with that said Wendell had no reason to be Killed. I believe there was no reason to use that kind of force.

After all that’s been said here As the title says, The shooting is unjust and the family has all the right to speak out in protest. An investigation is underway. Lets see how this all plays out.

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