Friday, April 06, 2012

Currently Angry and Feel Like Exploding

But I’m gonna keep my mouth shut when they start talking to me.. I’m just gonna let them Do what They do.  I will not complain i will just do,,,and Watch.. I swear man I just want to walk out here right now and go sit out by  myself and relax..

Telling me i sound stupid because I’m telling the truth. smh.. my Mom is not here to see what really goes on. yet when i point it all out it’s all my fault. …. Alright I quit. i have nothing more to say. i’ll just submit to everything that's said to me and be put down upon by everyone.

Actually I feel like punching a wall. nothing I do in this house hold is a good thing.. They feel that i do NOTHING.. At this point like I said. I won’t do ANYTHING since they feel that way.. II won;t eat.  I'll drink water and watch the food go… i’d do the general chores and watch them do what they do.. I’ll leave this house and let them complain that i’m not here. just watch

Just watch,.. Just Watch.. I seriously don’t feel good …

I need Life, I need a life away from here. It’s why I never wanted to come back.

I feel like Kicking Something in.. Honestly. It’s 6am I haven’t been to sleep yet I might as well go take a walk on the lake and just stay there all day. I don’t care anymore, I really don’t

I’m not happy folks.Seriously I shouldn’t have come back to N.O because I was Happier there in Houston…..Ahh Man.. .. Yep I’m, Out…

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