Friday, April 06, 2012

You Know How I Feel Right Now

I Feel , Played, I Feel Stupid, I don’t feel like  talking to anyone. Doing anything and most of all I feel Disrespected. Why? because of the things that go on in this household all falls back on me. I’ve gotten fussed ,Cussed at and talked down upon all day today while my brother and nephew sat there and laughed as if it was funny. The Nigh before it was the same thing. only my nieces were here also.

This is all because every time we start cleaning up in here, my lil brother Adds to my moms conversations. then when she gets worked up, he come by me and complains about her fussing. I don’t want to hear it because it was YOU who had her talking stupid about me. The dude goes to my mom like he does everything in the house when he never touches a Dish. wipes things off, he does nothing. and all of it falls back on me because I’m Here all day.. Same for my nephew ..

On top of that My nephew disrespects me, Everybody disrespects me and they allow it because they don’t want me telling him anything or doing him anything so i let him talk and do what he wants.. He cries to his momma when i tell him things or when i tell them things about him and they think im wrong .. then they talk to me like I’m a child in front of him so he and my brother do the same.. I’m tired of it all

If I walked out the house i wouldn’t be responsible for it at all. That’s all I'm going to do is leave.. Yeah I don’t work.. should I eat, NO  so I'm not.. I’m not doing anything I swear im going to isolate myself from everyone in here and let them Be and do what I do on my own.. I’ll let them enjoy it while I WATCH like they want me to do at this point I'm going to do a lot of yelling.

If any of my Friends are reading this, please don’t call me about this issue because i don’t feel like talking about it anymore. I’ve been disrespected long enough. I’m going to leave out and do what I do and Come back.. If things are messed up then I’m going Vigilante on these fools .. they can put me out all they want..

They Act like all i worry about is Bands and taking pictures. That’s There Excuse. I have not been to a band event in TWO  MONTHS because I've been taking pictures and video at events. That’s what’s making me money right now. and when I really start working Nothing in this house will be my fault. I seriously get blamed for everything like a kid and Nobody wants to hear me out but they believe everything my brother says.. HE creates the argument against me.. my nephew just aggravates the situation by being disrespectful/….

Seriously I can’t and i DON”T tell him anything. because The fool talks to me any kind of way and Nobody Wants me to tell him anything .yet my folks want me to Watch his every move .. Alight .. WATCH.. i’m going to Seriously Punch on his arms till he can’t feel them…nah I really wouldn’t do that .. BUT. THATS WHAT THEY WANT. last time  i got on him he  They all played me in front of him.  I’m the most disrespected person in this house .. If I start making these fools do things they don’t want to do. they’ll feel some played.

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