Thursday, April 19, 2012

Everybody’s Telling Me I Take & Post Too Many Pictures

My Issue… My Kinfolks keep telling me “You should do like Street Cam.” I’m nowhere on that cat’s level but basically I do the same thing. What my folks don’t realize that He's is well known and is at high demand Because he’s good at what he does and He will likely post many photos of the events he’s attending.
No doubt I’m influenced by what he does.  but I’m not trying do exactly as he does, Honestly I have no clue what he does. On My Part I feel that If I’m going to take shots, I should post enough to keep the people interested in my work. Maybe It’ll result in more gigs.  Yet When I do, My folks say that I take too many pictures, I post too many online and that I should stop taking pictures of the same folks over and over because people are tagging them.

I Post them because of the demand and Tagging is what their there for. Who’s gonna Know I take Pictures if my pictures aren’t being seen? My name is on them too, so if they want the copy without my name on it they’ll have to pay for it. My folks make the argument that they’re probably printing them. If so they’re in low quality with “BOOK” going across their faces.

I honestly study the work of other photographers, whether It be Local N.O. or from elsewhere. I never look at what I do as good when comparing my own work to that of other photographers.  I have a lot to learn and I’m in the process of Progressing in my work with every shot.  Also.I don’t have an eye for it. I just do it because I love it.. and well.. I’m getting paid for it…

OH!!! on top of that.. folks think I’m overcharging too.. oh wow… If ijust stopped folks would be so upset but they don’t know how discouraging it is when they tell me that I shouldn’t do something that I’m in the process of doing. 

I’m not Nolan Marshall. I don’t have fancy EQ I’m just a cat trying to make things happen and everybody seems to be against it.. and I hate it.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! aight I’m done.
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