Sunday, April 15, 2012

Is it really That bad to remove EVERY bit of “Street Spam”?

I was reading a blog which basically reiterates the ordinances on signs, and postings and what classifies as street spam.  I understand that what the mission of the group “NOLA TOSS” is about. They’re working with the city council to make sure that  folks understand & follow the rules on posting signs everywhere as well as knowing how to identify with what is street spam. My issue is that they seem to be treating every sign posted by a resident is contributing to Street spam.   (see Here)

I saw one of their most recent blogs regarding the “Think that you might be wrong” signs which were placed all over the city. Here’s  the Link .  When I saw that I was like, well yeah they may have been up for a prolonged amount of time, But that’s not doing as much harm as Billboards that are paced everywhere. You don’t see this group complaining about McDonalds Advertisements being placed all over the city. No doubt in recent cases they’ve Brought the Coke Graffiti  to The News (which is different because that’s VANILISM)

I feel that throwing away the “Think That you Might Be Wrong” Signs is disrespecting the artwork. No doubt it may be a Bandit Sign due to it being an unknow artist, but it’s meaningful and it’s not like an advertisement  or The poster boards that are commonly placed for folks who are trying to sell something.

Some things don’t contribute to blight.  I think that there should be better judgment when regarding what to take down and what to keep.  It would be different of it was something that was covering a traffic sign or damaging to a home or business.  but those signs in particular make you THINK rather than say “AHH it’s Trash.Bound”. 

If I were to post a sign that said “Missing Dog” yes their should be a time period and should be taken down. Other than that. having a big sign on the neutral ground Is similar to  those “Welcome to Downtown New Orleans” signs.. why not remove those? ESPECIALLY the Signs that have the NEW names of Neighborhoods on them. That KILLS me … THOSE are REAL distraction..

correct me if I’m Wrong, But NOLA T.O.S.S seems to be a “Say No To Every Residential Sign”  Group.  Overall  I Respect the Mission, yet i believe that They should focus on the Big Advertising companies as well.. even if they have to protest against Billboards for that matter,  such as the billboard that says “METHOSILIOMA”in large print on it nobody complained  yet it’s easy to Throw Away Works of Art found on city streets.

Lets Fight The Blight and Throw Away those "Neighborhood Watch Signs” because nobody’s truly watching these neighborhoods.  .. (yeah i’m just being silly) .. I’m done with this entry

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