Friday, April 20, 2012

For the most part

There were some things that I wanted to write about, but due to my nephew bothering me all last night I forgot to Make mention of anything. I’m going to attempt at sharing my thoughts here now. but I think I’m going to miss something. .. Here goes nothin;

I’m having Printer feed issues.,

The paper’s being damaged by the feed roller. I may have to result in getting photos done at Walgreens. it’s only about $6.00 for 100 Prints and I really don’t want to disappoint folks who want their pictures within a week. Gotta get that fixed or do something else. maybe i have to use better paper.


Coachella Brought Tupac Back

And The World goes nuts, Blogs, Tweets, and all that madness going out about Tupac’s Holographic Resurrection.   The Technology is amazing.  he was actually 3 dimensional for the most part.   I was amazed by it..  and now there are random Ghostbuster’s & Star Wars Imagery spoofing the Holograph. I loved it all

Among Other Things

I sent my Flash back to UPS.and it should be shipping off to New Jersey now. I won’t even track it, I just hope my thing comes to me good as new and Working 24/7

I’ll be attending the Tips Fest… MAN IT’S APRIL i need to do something with my life.

I saw something in the news that made me feel good regarding Instrumental Music of School bands yet this was on the same day a School bus full of Kids were shot at. On top of that, a Musician I know was recently killed.  here too SMH WHY! NOLA JUST WHY!?!  Just Ruining The future of our kids in the city.

I gotta call Kandace… I hope Qui calls today.. I should make it my duty to call her.

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