Saturday, April 21, 2012

Unbelievable: 2 guys I came up with were Killed over Dog Feces

You know. I’d recently added one of my Cousins as a friend and She had “Rest In Peace to Ahmad & Ahkeem” on her page.. I said WHAT!!!!!!.. at first i didn’t believe it til i visited Ahmed’s Facebook page.  everybody’s writing on his wall. now,

Ahkeem & Ahmad Brothers from My old Neighborhood in New Orleans living out of state, I haven’t seen them in YEARS. but to come across a page where Articles mention them Being Killed over dog feces is just UNBELIEVABLE,


Here’s a link to a follow up article. I couldn’t find a direct original.

It hurts to have watched that video.

.. Shedding tears for my boys….aww man!

Rest In Peace to those two. They’ll be missed,

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