Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Random Thoughts Of Whenever

At this point' I’m gonna re-live some recent tweets maybe from the past 3 months. at least the ones that matter. Also Talk about some things i’ve been doing (such as nothing) as well as some Issues.. Basically this is going to be one of those colorful List of things. ARE YOU READY?! YES YOU ARE!

But Before We Continue I just want you to watch something that took me way back.. and that is .. Jim Carrey 1991 “Unnatural Act”   .. If you don’t wan’t to watch it now. Just Skip it and watch later.



To Start this off though, Randonly While watching my nephew. I cut my leg on a pipe. it’s not as swollen as it originally was.  and the wound seems to be healing just fine. I put some witch hazel on it after it happened..I’ll blame the Air Show for that. Those fighter Jets were going NUTS!! lol

Aight…. Randomness Away…Much of this is Extended thoughts based on Tweets and Facebook posts.

When I'm nowhere around everybody in the place is asking "Where Da Camera Man At?" 
and It’s True, because folks just assume I’m gonna take pics for free because they see me in the place all the time.  I don’t just DO things anymore. usually when I’m around. I’m getting PAID.


Oh Man  I Added Badges to Bandhead.org – AND FOLKS ARE GOING NUTS! lol.. but I’m loving it


People tend to do is mimic what they think they hear and see... not always what they know or have learned. this is why Nicki got everybody acting like Barbie... Diddy gott’em Drinking Ciroc and Rick Ross is why all the fat folks are walking around shirtless ..lol 
Folks are Brainwashed by The Media!. Now when I first thought about this, I was gonna make it about Music in band, as a monkey see monkey do kinda thing. But It really.can apply to anything. so i through it out there in common form.


On FourSquare I’ve been showing up in unnecessary spots simply because I think it’s funny. New Jersey * Delaware, even New York.. Places I’ve never been. LOL!


I’ve been Listening to Last.FM, Grooveshark & Pandora alot. I’ll share a  list of tunes somewhere toward the end of this entry. I … really don’t care for spotify being that the services i already have are doing justice.


When I was in Houston on that North West side them Salvatrucho's used to have that Reggaeton bangin' 24/7 ... A ELLA LE GUSTA LA GASOLINA!!! ..lol 


Oh Man, I played 2 old original Mortal Kombat Games via the Xbox.. CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!! that was fun to me.. that’s all i can say to that lol it made me post this on Facebook
 That Old Mortal Kombat used to have me going Nuts!... it took me like 3000 tries to beat Shang Tsung back in the day...lol


Here was one a wote earlier this week
Funny how Early Spike Lee Joints used Jazz as part of the Movie Scores or as part of the movies Radio bits. I honestly think he did it to reintroduce that music to the Hip-Hop Community of that time. A Good Example is.. On "Do The Right Thing" ... Sam Jackson's character ran a Jazz Station that only played Hip Hop when Radio Raheem was around. (lol) yet the community he was in was a "Hip Hop" oriented community of youngsters. and the older folks in the hood look like they came up on Sam Cooke and Wilson Pickett LOL

It’s pretty to use Spike Lee Joints as a subject of the matter because he did it in most of his early movies. Not only with Jazz, but with his dads orchestra. as well.  But It’s Obvious if you watch She’s Gotta Have It, Do The Right thing, School Daze, Malcolm X. there are these Jazzed up parts that fit the mood and things, but itt’s pretty plain too know that Jazz , although pretty popular in the time frames of certain movies was Relevant but was such an undertone as compared to what we now consider Soul, Funk and R&B..

Even when Looking at The Drumline. Movie or even the black tv shows (pre fresh prince)  when it comes to music being discussed it’s like they always name classic jazz artists as if they seriously listened to that artists on a daily basis..

I personally can’t tell you anything about Jazz beyond what I’ve heard and seen or read about. LOL I’m not fond of all of the artists and i don’t follow one artists music that much. but I DO Love Traditional  Classic Jazz, but I prefer Jazz Fusion & Smooth Jazz.

Pretty much….

I Posted This Pic Below to facebook and labeled it “Jaguar Rock” it’s got alot of likes.  Why? well, because it’s a Band thing.. I was messing with the SU folks about the way they march. when I also realized how much it looks like the TSU march as well.

I’m going to Let this one go for now..  Part 2 is after this…

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