Sunday, April 01, 2012

Working Day and Night a Video Project

I took a nice slumber mid day yesterday waking up at 3:30 Am I had stood up over night the .2 days ago trying to compete a project for Bruce.  I’m  just about complete but I have some things to do before the DVD is made final. I hope he likes it. I should have done it earlier but I had things on my plate. I apologized to him for the delay. I hope he likes it.

The problem I had was that I recorded all parade season in a format that my video editor can not handle. At this point I’ve had to convert my videos to an editable format. it’s doing me well too.

Oh after talking to Gerard this morning I ended up buying a Flash. it seems decent too, All I need now are rechargeable batteries. I may go to Radio shack for that. This next 100$ should take care of that though.

I’m glad about it..I’m about  to finish that up like NOW!

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