Wednesday, April 04, 2012

A Few Things

I wanted to type this earlier ( yesterday actually ) but i didn’t have the time and that Is.. I woke up looking for my package, when I got to the door, nothing. I walked back in my room and THERE IT WAS ON THE BED! WHOA!! .. and what what that package?


for $70 it’s some what of a steal as compared to the other belts. that are actually  worthy of having. LOL. The the WWE version of the ECW championship was a cool belt but it only lasted until they just shut the show down. The Last champ was Ezekiel Jackson, they don’t even acknowledge it. nor did he actually get to defend it.. technically that makes him the undisputed WWE ECW Brand Champ..

The Last Champion of ECW IN ECW was Rhino .

The Belt is nice looking and it fits.. I'm going to hang it up somewhere in here. I also bought a flash. I don’t know where that sucka is, but it hasn’t been shipped for some reason.

I’ve finished my Project for Bruce, looks great. all i need to do now is put it on an actual DVD. ,

Lastly, I’ve been discussing some somewhat of a business opportunity with someone. the chick’s an auditor, I hope to meet her Friday. (hopefully near by) oh and she’s nice looking but taken so that’s a no ..LOL but hey if she’s looking for folks to teach a thing or two about business then I need to know. anything is worth A try I have all the time In the world. so I’m up for it.

I gotta finish doing some things now some I’m Out

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