Friday, May 18, 2012

Gotta Do It

Before i start this blog entry I must say Rest In Peace to both Chuck Brown The Godfather of Go-Go as well as Donna Summer, The Queen of Disco. I would have said that yesterday but i was doing alot of talking and thinking.

2 days ago my brother graduated high school. the day went by pretty okay despite minor aggravating disturbances via family. Otherwise i was glad to see My youngest Brother graduate High School. he and his friends who come here. one of my cousins also graduated from 35 this year too.. it was an okay event as well. Marc Morial spoke. Folks in the crowd were rude though. but other than that the ceremony was decent i was happy they made it through. What's crazy is that the valedictorian of the school is one of my brother's good friends. that's great man.

For the past day (since the graduation) we've been talking alot about being positively motivated. The Irony of that is. The very next morning (which was yesterday) I got a call from a a College information solicitor.  I didn't want to be rude and just hang up so i let this thing go though. .. Eventually i was peaking with a representative of a University in Georgia..

We talked about the basics of the school and Life situations, and he basically helped me realize that i'm the only one holding myself back and that the only way to make the moves are to make them NOW rather than holding off, which i knew already based off past experience. I even admited that it was a fear and comfort honestly. but at the same time I truthfully had no interest in the school due to the Actual campus being in Georgia. The guy explained to me that it didn't matter my issue was comfort.. 

The Advisory went on to gave few metaphoric issues which i clearly.understood.  At the end of the conversation it made me feel that I need to do this thing soon. no mater my current financial situation and everything. Just imagine I Recently upped my pay for the Money i owe to Texas Southern, So now i must make my moves quick to have recurring funds. I seriously need to DO SOMETHING NOW!!.

Some time later on yesterday I told josiah about how he as well as the few friends i keep in contact with on a normal basis are my motivators and i'm thankful  for them. because it without them I probably wouldn't have taken that step the First time.

Now With this graduation of my Youngest brother, I  Know I'm gonna be getting alot of backtalk from my oldest brother regarding what's going on. and why I should rush and do what HE wants me to do.  I know what i need to do i just haven't made the steps. and THEY don't  realize that when they're telling me what I should do, that It makes me Not want to do it... That's also how my youngest brother feels.

I'll get things straight for me in 2012 though WATCH ME SUCCEED!. 

I'll make a way. 

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