Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Few Things Before I head out

I’ll be attending a graduation today, 2 cousins are graduating. one of them I haven’t seen in years. Speaking of a graduation. I forgot to post a few pic’s in my blog of my brothers graduation.  I’ll post on after this entry (later on in the day)

I should be receiving the  XBox 360 Video Game to the Battleship Movie sometime today.

Another notable of the Disco Era Robin Gibb Died Sunday. only a few days after Donna Summer who also died due to complications of a cancer. There was also the death of Chuck Brown. It’s crazy how famous folks seem to die days apart. in 3’s nearly.

There was alot of Murders the last few weeks. One of those people was a Relative of Mine Technically, but not by direct lineage. I personally have only met the kid once. he was the older Kid of another cousin of mine.and with all the good things supposedly happening in their lives. His sister had a baby. his mom got married. and tragically he was killed.

I really hate to hear about murders of any kind no matter how I know or don't know the victims. it’s just terrible.  It makes me hate being here. I say that all the time but it’s true.

I’ll get back on after I return home. Later folks!..

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