Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Loss of a Good Friend

Today I found out that a good friend of mine and JFK Alumnus Reginald Koeller,of the Class of 80 has passed due to a Heart Attack.

I last talked to Reggie on the 22nd between 4:20pm and 5pm when he informed me that he was in the Hospital suffering with Blood clots in his lung. He found out because he had shortness of breath while sleeping.  Today I was informed via Facebook that He had passed away due to a heart attack. I Missed a call later that night from the Oshner  hospital but i missed it.  I Tried to call  the number  back just now  but of course it was an answering service.  ,,, Maybe it was Reggie calling. Or maybe it was Hospital staff  calling to inform me me of his passing. .I hate that i missed that call.

It’s crazy because when he called me, It was in a Playful manner.  He was like “Guess where I’ am”  so. i said ///I don’t know ..He said C’mon Josh I’m trying to make it fun .. I responded. In My Neighborhood?  .. Ne said No.. Then he explained to me what went on. 

Before getting off the phone I told him I was glad that he was taking care of the matter  and getting that done   He told me he’d get back with me so that I could check his inbox and possibly soon touch basis with him.

It’s shocking because I’ve talked to him once after a heart attack It saddens me and I have don’t really know what else to say other than I’ll miss talking to him. Great guy, I wish i would have been able to hang out with him though.

Unbelievable..  Reg, You’ll Be Missed!. 

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