Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Raccoons going nuts!

A few hours ago I heard alot of screeching / screaming from a raccoon or multiple ones near our yard. It was so loud the dogs started barking. it sounded as if it was either running from something or fighting for its life. I wouldn’t know but the last time we heard it it sounded as if it was in the distance rather than so close to our yard.

For the past few weeks after 1 was spotted by my Brother N Law, We assume that the Raccoons are messing with the cats next door. so we’re not letting our dogs out so much at night.  We don’t want our dogs getting hurt or rabies for that matter.

I don’t want to see any of them dead, but sure would hope that they’re caught some how..

New Orleans has had some New and Old Wildlife roaming the city since Katrina.  I remember spotting Frogs & Tadpoles as a kid, we even had Raccoon’s in our hood back in the day.. depending where you are. Sometimes  you’d see turtles. or Nutria roaming neighborhoods.  There’s always been Neighborhood Cats. Pigeons, Sparrows, Seagulls. and and things… you might spot a duck, goose, Gator or pelican in certain areas.  

But now days folks are spotting more than the occasional Nutria.. In the Metro Area Since Katrina, you might find Falcons, Hawks, (or what folks believe are owls)   and a load of different other birds … Then there are the Cayote’s and the Bobcats roaming the world… On top of that, the gators in the bayou have  made a strong comeback

OH!! I saw one of those bugs that look like something from a tree the other day. pretty neat.. i killed it ..LOL

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