Monday, May 07, 2012

Dumb Dream I Had

and the crazy part is that It seems like a repeat dream. yet it was different.

In this dream I was chilling with my cousins who decided to go play cards at my grandmas House In the Hood (please note my grandma moved out of our neighborhood in 1994)   So they’re up there playing cards and More folks start piling up over there from the Front of the house.  People both known and Unknown.

My Older brother came out the back way of the parking lot. It was like a party environment.. Over the course of the dream certain proportions of the building got bigger dumb junk started to happen.. While myself and a bunch of guys were sitting in the hall way some random Kid was playing it Water on the 2nd floor in the hallway of the building.   We could see him because the wall was broken.

We were telling the boy to get out of the water because it seemed to be flowing from the wall and looked green. Then we noticed that it was coming from Our part of the building both thru busted pipes.  it was Dark yellow and greenish like algae…. URINE!. you could Smell it! .. it was dripping all over and gushing heavily out of the pipes

When we all got inside we heard Fog Horns and Emergency trucks. Someone inside was like. THAT’S THE HURRICANE SIGNAL. you could hear them telling everyone to get indoors ..Suddenly a Hurricane passed thru and Everything was  dark.. yet it was still daytime .. When it was over everyone was checking on everybody.. There was flooding on the back part of the house. .. On the front it was a WATER PARK with Whales and things ..LOL..  and there was a Manager complaining about the excessive usage of the pools and slides with no one else around. and how funked up the place was due to the storm..

At the end of this dream, my brother walked out of the back door saying “Aight,'I’m going home” … and then I woke up ..LOL

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