Thursday, May 03, 2012

Too Many Young Deaths & Gun Violence Victims

There’s got to be something to curb this violence among our youth. too many Kids are being Shot or murdered now days. We’ve  read  Many story's of victims who are Teenaged and younger During all of 2011 and its happening more 2012.  It’s got me upset and i swear it would make any young person paranoid knowing that their friends are being wiped out by Killers young and old. it all has to stop.

I remember growing up with folks who were killed before we were out of high school. there wee girls in my neighborhood killed when I was in middle school, There were also Guys who were killed before i was 17.. By the time I was 20 I had either seen a few dead bodies or had gotten word that folks I knew from school had been killed or jailed. 

Back then All we had was Nights out Against Crime once a year, Nobody was Marching for peace or justice back then, yet we had 100’s killed in my neighborhood within a 4year period prior to Katrina.

After Katrina, Things seemed to have dropped, yet nobody was here.  When everybody came back. It got violent again.  and between 2007 and now it seems that folks Who aren’t a threat to anyone have ended up victims of senseless murders. and it’s not the So Called Thugs that are the being targeted. many of these folks are PRODUCTIVE CITIZENS. It’s like we have  Professionals , students,&  babies are among the dead and are still becoming victims because there’s nothing out here.

It’s Heart Breaking to read of these folks who die or get killed. You feel sorry for their families, but its not much that we can do, we can’t bring them back. at all. I just wish things could  stop. All the Rallying and Crime Walks can only do so much.  It’s the Killer and the Potential Killer who has to Curb their own Mind frame..  I don’t know what else to say right now so I'm going to close this one for now,

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