Monday, May 07, 2012

My Brother went to Prom Saturday

And I’ll say that everybody seemed to be happy for him. My nephew cried to get in a pic. They were upset that there wasn’t a photographer at the event, otherwise my brother said hey had a good time.  We Printed a few of the pic’s I took at the house for her folks keeping. His date is technically his girlfriend. She hasn’t really been around him in 2 years because she’ attends a school school in Jefferson Parish.

This was our first time meeting her, I’m glad both my parents were home. and that both of her parents and an Aunt made came over to meet and greet. It was all good. My Dad was over excited. My Nephew was looking for everything negative to Rib about. and my younger nephew just wanted to get in the picture.

I would share many of them but I believe the public has seen enuff. The one i posted on facebook was edited purposely to a lower quality to certain relatives from saving & printing it. The one above is Natural just smaller.

I’m glad he had a good time. and of course it was The talk of the Weekend. He Graduates in 2 weeks.

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