Thursday, June 14, 2012

As Stated By Mike

Here is the deal. If you can not handle people commenting freely on what you post that is controversial, than I suggest you not post it. Facebook is a social network with the intent of having these little things built in it called blogs which allow people to comment especially if you ask for a discussion. Now I just had this one person delete me because he could not handle the heat. Ha ha. See you later.

And This is Exactly how I feel about that. no mater what the discussion is. you can’t just personally attack someone based on an opinion they have.

When I asked him what was it about. Mike stated that one of his Facebook Friends disagreed with him on a subject that He wanted to debate about. but when Mike gave his opinion. the guy took it personally and Began attacking Mike, eventually  deleted Mike and his wife as a Facebook friend. 

So Much for Respecting ones Opinion eh? 

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