Friday, June 15, 2012

My Randomness from Twitter

I Tend to say some Crazy things on Twitter now days .. I’ll share some with you now
this is like a load of incomplete thoughts  since june 5th
  • it would be funny if Charlie Sheen had a Kid Named Earl.
  • My New Series "The Book of Love" starts Thursday at 9/8c on .
  • Check out my New Album Gynecologist of Love ..only on #Lastfm j/k
  • All my Kids gon be named "Book" lol
  • I don't believe in yesterday because technically it doesn't exist.
  • What Happens If I Fail?
  • Drink JUICE people
  • my type of woman doesn't exist in 2012. when i find a decent one i'll have to compromise with the baggage she'll bring to the table
  • they're are bad for my health ..i remember talking to a chick who looked the part but her voice was raspy like she smoke Zebra Weed,
  • Girls wanna go natural but i don't see them walking around naked.
  • LOL i almost thought your name was her name .. LOL! #SATAN!
  • i just wish she wasn't so unclean inside
  • when God says move ..MOOOOOVEEE
  • what's up with these shirts that say "Swag" on them? .u never see anyone with a shirt reading "Ph.D" .. because they don't have to wear it.
  • no doubt i don't have any degrees but I do have an Agree lol'
  • When I was young I used to get Carly Simon and ole girl from the Carpenters Mixed up,
  • truth.. Big Tymers and Juve had the best Series of Albums Cash Money ever had
  • DJ Quik always sounded like a Soft rapper tryin to be hard
  • Africa is a Woman, America is a Transvestite
  • Everybody goes Ham, Nobody Goes Bacon
  • Why get tattoo's if you have to live your life hiding them? lol
  • I need more money
  • The difference between folks who are in the band and who never were in the band is.. The one who never was talks too much
  • lol.. man i'm losing my hair
  • Getting old sux.. LOL the dude's near 30 lol
  • sum a dem C/O 02 chicks look. better than they did back in HS ..they're all bad for my health tho LOL
  • one time i was at St Aug Band Practice and 35 girls were hanging around ..LOL i guess they love the color Purple
  • i aint looking for a dime piece i need a girl on that Dollar Menu
  • uhh dont buy pets online .. gett'em from th spca because uhh.. yeah ..
  • Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.
  • Dawg.. like for real man.. lol i have too many facebook friends
  • i'm in a Pastors Group on Facebook ...think about that.
  • Mixing & Mastering InfoGraphic – ADxSD via
  • Determining what is bad and what is Good is all based on Moral values.
  • The Concept of Knowledge Requires Understanding Information .. Wisdom Requires The Concept of Truth In Knowledge of Information
  • Believing a Lie is not Knowing
  • One-third of the total power of a 75-piece orchestra comes from the bass drum.
  • The word black is a adjetive tied to a negative advertence
  • #vaginamovielines "Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Vagina is. You have to see it for yourself." The Matrix
  • Life is a progressive series of mazes.
  • Seek the seeker, know the knower, observe the observer, want the wanter.
  • Knowledge is a bridge between the object and the subject. If they are not separate, the bridge cannot exist.
  • Where my Hunnies at? lol .. yall know the word Honey is funny because thats like calling sum1 Bee Puke lol
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