Monday, June 04, 2012

Don’t Make Me Your Last Resort

One Thing Came to Mind a few minutes ago and that is…** What The Title States**

I was thinking about how Randomly I get approached by Girls who are unattractive in my eyes and they seem to go out of their way to  tell me that they want to be with me.  I honestly don’t get it.  It’s like they just pop up out of the blue and reveal what they’re looking for in a man. Or They’re stalking me on facebook  and asking all these Side Tracking Questions before they Break it to me… 

I Honestly hate to turn these girls down. it some cases I don’t turn them down. but I do Revert all conversations as they relate to anything about their love for me.

I Know that in a few cases I’ve told chicks I liked them but i never asked them to be my woman. in my case i just felt that the girl should know.  when I was younger it was a different story though.

Being me. I don’t like to hurt folks feelings. but I think here’s a line that needs to be drawn when it comes to these desperate folks.   I don’t want to be eaten Indulged in your life in an instant.  LOL!..

No Doubt. I’m Picky, and it’s not like I want a “Dime Piece”.  For me  I just cant say YES to the first woman who pops up in my life. Especially to those who  have been through it all in their lives. have had Kids for different dudes and now want to settle down with someone who they Assume will be the man of their dreams.  On my Part Yeah I’m looking for a woman too. Yet  I’m not looking for the Woman of my Nightmares. I don’t want to be anyone's last resort out of desperation for love.

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