Sunday, June 03, 2012

Facebooked Thoughts

These are things in relation to Facebook / Twitter posts by myself

I had some thoughts on Matrix Logic in light that i really want to watch the whole series back to back so i can analyze it more.

I’ve been listening to music and  Barry White’s “I’ve got So Much to Give” came on.. and all i could do was sing along.. I just wish it was like that for me.


Order my steps in thy word: and let not any iniquity have dominion over me. Psalm 119:133

I mentioned the That “The World has never been peaceful” and my old Boss replied. good stuff!. he mentioned that it’s sad that there are so many wars in the world now.  My response to that was just a thought of the need for Conflict Resolution. 

I’ve been playing more sweepstakes’ as well as signed up for Publishers clearing house. I’ve also talked to those college recruiters. I’ve been trying to opt out of that but the site where my information was, is now sold i guess. smh.

Another thought was that We need to replace the whole City Council in N.O.. REALLY!
and to stop supporting stale politics.

This Album Cover got 50 Likes ! lol


Classic! ..

After that lil girl was killed my first thought written on facebook was that Folks need to stop it with the shooting we got too many of our people dying and getting shot.smh ….as well as .. “It's hard to CELEBRATE LIFE when so folks are out here DESTROYING LIVES” .. and it’s true. It’s hard to live happy when so much sadness is being played out around you.

Prior to those I had a conversation regarding Nicknames due to a status I’d wrote about Fat Albert’s game were all Identified by their problems. it was pretty decent too.

this was a reply “

What about Rudy? Was his problem "rudeness"? I think that's indicative of the era and region Bill Cosby grew up in. People called others by the thing that stood out on them most. Think about historic and fictional American gangster name: Pretty Boy Floyd, Al Capone was called Scarface, Geechie Dan, The Hunchback - Harry Riccobene,
Skinny Joey - Joseph Merlino, Vinny the Chin - Vincent Gigante, etc...the list goes on. Remember, Bill Cosby is from Philly where this was the cultural norm. We even use people's appearances as identifiers in the South. Ever heard or known someone really dark-skinned called Blue?”

Made Perfect sense to me too. and it’s exactly the same reason we all have nicknames today.. I even mentioned in the post that I was hated being called “Bookman” in high school until there was a turning point where i took ownership of the name. And it's hard for folks to use the names against you when you've accepted to be identified by what ever name folks call you.


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