Friday, June 15, 2012

One Thing I Don’t Get About The “Freaky Breed”

There are a load of females that I’ve known my whole life and I’ve witnessed how they’ve changed over the years. There are those who I’ve only known for short periods, and Now I see them as Women, Not all of them turn out the way you’d expect which is a good thing for some. Yet It's bad when you see that “Good one” and have expected good of them, but they show out in a negative way. or in a displeasing way.

Many I know or Know of have had babies both In and directly after High School it’s life and doesn’t phase me. My Issue Has more to do with how they carry themselves and their behavior.  It’s the main reason i say that The Girls I came up with are bad for my health. many no doubt are Beautiful, yet some have that Innocent look and in truth they’re filthy.

A few weeks ago I saw a picture of a girl who I kinda liked In High school. all the while, it turned out that it was my Boy’s old fling and he was still tied to her Sexually.  the dude showed me a naked picture of her as well as some freaky texts  she sent him. That kind of thing Kills my spirit when some one could Look so good and be so nasty

No doubt What was said in that message was meant for him and It really wasn’t my biz. but then again He showed it to me. That Kind of thing to me shows true colors as a person and what they’re really good for.  On this Chicks part she obviously is just a sex object,

I know at my age I won’t find The Virgin Mary. and I’m not Looking for her either. But  The Kind I Don’t want are the ones who share their bodies with everyone they meet. whether in Photo form or Sexual nature.  I don’t know what goes on in their heads, but what ever it is Just isn’t a good thing.  I feel that If u share a pic with 1 person it means that you’re sharing the same pic’s with every other dude.

The way I came up prevents me from trying to associate myself with the everyday freak. It’s one thing to have sex with somebody. it’s another thing to exploit yourself in a sexual nature.  I just can’t deal with the freaks of nature. lol

What I want in life is a woman with sense. I may have to find one with No sense and turn her into  The Good Breed LOL!

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