Sunday, June 03, 2012

Thoughts Running Wild

When It comes to blogging as of late, when I get to the page, I have a brain fart. yet when I’m sitting on Facebook I drop informative junk to the masses. LOL. Don’t totally understand why but I guess it’s the audience.

Yet here I can say what i can’t put there. Wild right?! Well here goes nothing  and Everything.

So I was sitting here on facebook and i stumbled upon a page that unfriended because of it being that girl with the Multiple accounts again. and It made me gag to see that she uploaded an old picture of me on her page. beneath it she said “Brother” but yeah just thinking about what she told me has just killed my whole thought process toward her LOL!

Most recently I tried growing my facial hair in, but it just doesn’t grow like i’d like it . There are alot of Holes needed to be filled .. LOL .. so I shaved it again. …i’ll try to grow it some other time, maybe in the winter.

Over The course of the past 3 days I’ve had thoughts going through my head regarding females and how they present themselves to the world. some close, some afar. Some i’ve liked some i don’t know. Others are just general thoughts.

I got some Stuff to pay..

I may grow my fro out hugely.

I’ll be doing the Fools photos this week. I may need to go get more Photo paper. I went to office Depot and i was amazed. LOL! well not really but yeah I think I’m good. I gotta invest in more office supplies and Build my archive. really!.

Babies are still dying in the city. it hurts to think of it. sometimes you gotta look beyond the things that may be inevitable. yet its hard cause it hurts whether directly or indirectly.

I had a thought about my Class ..It’s been 10 years We’re not having a “Reunion” though. It makes me think of how  IMO although we were a 400+ Class weren’t a unified bunch.  I didn’t know everyone in my class while i was there. I know More of them Now than I knew back then. crazy right? ..yep.

Music, Music Music…

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