Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Feeling Pressure

It seems like sitting has an effect on the area, This is much different yet similar to the last time. I already know that those folks will tell me that I must lose weight/ I completely understand that.  It’s just going to be hard to pay for a surgery that I know I can’t afford. It’s why I hope that somehow this thing heals. the crazy part is, I already know what’s wrong.

The Nerve’s being pinched and the bones are rubbing together. That’s the reason i need to lose weight. that’s the reason my lower back is hurting. I’ll be great as long as i don’t end up in a chair for the rest of my life. and I'm serious when I say that. It’s crazy man/ It really is.

When I lay down, I feel the discomfort and overnight it gets better. I think I shouldn’t sit on my butt all day. for real. that just doesn’t help a bit. 10 years later, same problem.. wow.

But the book will be alright.

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