Monday, July 02, 2012

Is It the Heat?

Alright, I’ve I’m trying to figure out this strain on my back and where the pain actually is. I Do know exactly where it’s starting but I’m wondering if i should go to the hospital because of it or if it’s just one of those “moments of pain.” Hopefully it’s just strain and pain and isn’t more than that. but I’m not sure.

The Title is in reference to how we tend to associate our wounds with weather. that’s all.

I made no mention of it on facebook because I don’t need anyone worrying about me. but I did talk to Ben.  I told him that I really hope that it’s only just Strain and not an actual slip of the joint nor pinched nerve. And Although It’s feeling like it could be. I think I’ll give it some time and then try to go see about it.

Lets hope that’s all it is..Because I really can’t afford to pay for any surgical procedures that may be needed. It makes me want to cry. really.

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